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Coolest Homemade Teenwolf Costume

Where to start?! Ever since I saw Teen Wolf as a kid I’ve always wanted to make and wear the costume. So for Halloween 2008 I set about figuring out how to make the perfect costume. It doesn’t help that I’m OCD on things like this and have to have the best costume on the night lol!

Anyway after deliberating the different methods for the best effect, I settled on buying some cheap “Primarni skin coloured leggings”, a skin coloured long sleeve t-shirt, a white vest top, rugby socks, some blue shorts, very hard to find! And loads and I mean loads of fake hair extensions.

The vest top was dyed yellow and iron on transfers made in Word, printed out and stuck on. I dyed the head band yellow too for greater effect. The hair, which was the hardest job, was all stitched onto the leggings and the long sleeve t-shirt at 1 inch intervals. Then once put on, was combed back and sprayed with hairspray.

Then the face! I bought some special effects glue and scar putty, available from any fancy dress store. Smudged the putty over my eyebrows and made my nose bigger. I then cut strands of hair from the extensions and glued them onto my face matching pictures I found online.

Bit by bit it all came together and surprisingly only took 2-3 days to make. The end result, I think to be one of the most convincing Teen Wolf costumes to date! The costume cost around £40 to make and I sold it on Ebay a week after Halloween for £90! Good Times! Hope you all like the end result anyway!

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