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Coolest Homemade Star Wars Halloween Costume Idea

We went through a major Star Wars phase recently. My daughter wanted to be Ayla Secura, the female Jedi. Ayla Secura is a blue creature with 2 big blue tentacle type things coming out of her head.

We went to a local beauty supply store and bought a tube of blue costume paint and a couple cans of blue costume spray for her hair and some blue nail polish.

We already had this brown Jedi robe for dress ups but it would be super easy to get some fabric and make your own. It’s a very simple brown robe with a hood. We already had the light saber as well. I did the braided piggy-tails first. Then we caked on the blue face paint. Next we sprayed her hair completely blue. I just used some black eyeliner and red lipstick I already had for the lips and the eyebrows.

She was a HUGE hit! She got stopped by everyone asking questions about her awesome costume.

Homemade Star Wars Halloween Costume Idea

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  1. Looks awesome! The makeup looks great. The coloring looks all even, as well as the color in her hair. What type of makeup did you use on her face? Did it wash off and out of her hair easily?


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