Coolest Homemade Spongebob Halloween Costume Idea

My Homemade Spongebob Halloween Costume Idea was created with:

-A large Box
-Construction Paper
-2 cans yellow spraypaint
-rubber black shoes with attached black shoelaces
-socks with 2 stripes on each (colored with sharpies)
-brown capris, rolled up
-yellow sweatshirt
-white sleeves, cut off from an old shirt
-yellow leggings

The entire costume took several hours to complete. I bought the spray paint (appr. $6.00), sweatshirt (Walmart, appr. $12.00), and leggings (Walmart, appr. $7.00). Everything else was either free, or I already owned. I used clear packaging tape to hold everything together.

Total cost: appr. $25.00

I wore this to a 4-h Halloween party, and it worked very well. I won the costume contest, and spent 3 hours in the box without taking it off. It was very fun to watch people all night trying to figure out “who spongebob was.” Line dancing in the costume was very amusing to people watching, (exp. macarena, Cuban shuffle, train dance.)

I later added a fry cook hat, and carried around a spatula.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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