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Coolest Homemade Sound of Music Family Costume

The Sound of Music sing-a-long came through town a few years ago, and because my family LOVES to dress up we of course had to go in a Homemade Sound of Music Family Costume.

My dad and Aunt were Mr. Von Trap and the Barronness, and they just wore there own clothes. My dad wore a suit and tie and sleeked back his hair and my Aunt wore a coat, scarf and a furry hat.

The trick to this group costume is a bunch of girls (and 2 boys if possible) and a bunch of the same fabric that looks something like curtain fabric, no one will get it otherwise.

My mom made each of us an outfit from the blue fabric and made them all different but still keeping in mind the Austrian/German look of the time.(For example the ties up the front and the rick-rack trims) We all wore white blouses underneath and the young ones also got bandannas of the same fabric. I wore my hair in looped breads like they do in the movie.

This has always been one of my favorite movies and the sing-a-long movie was super fun, but made even better with the costumes.
We also won one of the costume prizes for these at the event.

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