Coolest Homemade Snegurochka Russian Snow Maiden Costume

I got this homemade Snegurochka Russian Snow Maiden costume idea from a Russian fairy tale depicting “Snegurochka” – The Russion Snow Maiden.

The dress of the costume is just a simple trapezoid shape pieces for front and back which I cut according to my daughter’s size. I did not use a store bought sewing pattern for it. The shoulder top piece is just a half circle pattern.

I used snowflakes from Michael’s to decorate the dress, and that was the most time consuming part of the process, since I sewed each snowflake by hand. I guess I could have used super glue to glue it on. The head piece is just a cardboard cut to shape and covered with the same fabric (glued) as the dress and snowflakes glued to it.

The dangling white decorations on the head piece are made of tear-shaped and big round beads – also from Michael’s. In order for the head piece to stay firm on the head I attached it to a wide sturdy head band.

I also made an extra thing – fur muff hands warmer – cylinder shaped with silver rope which allows the piece to hang if not used.

Unfortunately I did not think ahead and did not make photos of this process. It took me about 24-30 hours to make this homemade Snegurochka Russian Snow Maiden costume, total cost about $20.

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  1. that is brill my daughter has come home from school with the school idea of a Russian Christmas play and know i on the hunt for a snow maiden costume!!??
    all the best Karen


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