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Coolest Homemade Slinky Dog Couple Costume

My mom made this homemade slinky dog couple costume for my 6 year old boys. The “slinky” is made from an 18 foot dog tunnel. The head attaches to a broom handle so it can be moved from side to side. We also used a mesh material so the boys could see where they were going. They loved it and have received many compliments.

How it’s made:

* Slinky (18 foot dog tunnel with the fabric removed)
* 2 boxes to use inside the front and back parts of dog
* Light brown fabric and batting to cover boxes
* Medium brown mesh fabric to be used where the kids see out of
* Dark brown material to make pants
* Dog paw slippers
* Broom handle to hold head
* Foam ball and cone to form head
* Felt to make eyes, ears, mouth, collar and dog tags
* Hat pattern, the head is made from 2 patterns, one on top of the other and then stuffed
* 2 adorable kids!

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