Coolest Homemade Sesame Street Group Costume

My friends and I wanted to go out for Halloween in a group costume so we brainstormed and came up with a Homemade Sesame Street Group Costume! We all purchased colored hoodies and I transformed them into each of the characters, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Oscar the Grouch, using fabric, paint, and Styrofoam pieces.

Needless to say it was a hit! We were stopped relentlessly for pictures and we got 4th place in a costume contest of HUNDREDS of people!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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  1. I forgot to mention I cut a flat side to Styrofoam balls so I could glue them evenly to the top of the hoodies. My friend and I added fur trim to Cookie Monster and Elmos hoodies. I used brown fur trim I found at a craft store to the top of Oscar’s eyes to make his brows. Big Bird was the most complex. I used a cone shaped piece Styrofoam that I cut to size and cut in half. I shaped the bottom half to be smaller than the top. I then wrapped each half in yellow fabric secured with hot glue and then glued them together. I stuck that on the front of the hoodie. I shaped Big’s eyes to match the shape of the cone. I painted the eyes with pink and blue lids. I attached the eyes to the cone and stuck yellow and white feathers on the top. I dyed an old white skirt yellow and trimmed it with yellow feather boa. I also dyed white tights orange and made stripes with pink duct tape. I spray painted old wedge shoes orange. The other girls found dresses and shoes in their characters colors. Cookie monster made a “cookie jar” purse with felt letters. Oscar’s purse had his old pal Slimy on it, that I made out of pipe cleaners. I was a very time consuming project but well worth it!

  2. I love the idea and I so want to try and do it. My 2 year old son is going to be Elmo and I love dressing up so I want to try one of your ideas. I just think its great!! I would love to see a closer pic of you could post it or you could email it to me! SO CREATIVE……CONGRATS!!!

  3. I would love to show a closer image, but I don’t know where to post another picture! I wish we could add more pictures to our submissions! Elmo was very easy to do if you have a little patience with some fuzzy red yarn and a glue-gun. I kept lining the front of the hoodie over and over, then I glued on the Styrofoam balls for eyes and a Styrofoam oval nose wrapped in orange fabric. In regards to the hoodies, it was everyone’s own job to find their color. I had yellow for big-bird and it was the most challenging. I never did find it, so I used yellow rit dye in the washing machine with a white hoodie and a white skirt. Its really much easier than searching everywhere for the perfect color. The tights are also rit-dyed orange and its just pink duct tape around the legs after I got ready.

  4. LOVE your costumes.

    My daughter is going as Cookie MOnster. What did you do to make the darker blue stripe around your waist? It looks great!

    Also, where did you buy the yellow hoodie from?
    Could you please email me a closer up of Cookie Monster & Big Bird?


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