Coolest Homemade Robot Costumes

When searching for Homemade Robot Costumes, I grew tired of only silver ones which mostly seem to be made out of tin foil. I was inspired by my son’s robot room decorations from Target and my husband I decided to be robots (much to the delight of our kids). To make the costume, I cut the bottoms out of 2 large boxes and wrapped each in bright solid-colored wrapping paper (ours is from Target). Then, I used construction paper to make the control buttons and glued them on with a glue stick. I used heavy-duty tape to attach wide strips of fabric to the top so that the costume could be “worn” on our shoulders. The head was tricky to figure out…I cut a hole out of the bottom of a smaller box (wrapped it of course), and cut vertical slits along the back seam of the box, to create a “door” to slip over our heads easier. I think we used Velcro or something to fasten the door shut. The antennae are paper towel tubes and toy balls wrapped in wrapping paper. On the back, we wrote “Mom-bot 4.0″ and “Dad-bot 4.0″ (since we have 4 kids).