Zakree is 5 years old and loves robots. He recently enrolled into a Lego robotics class at his school and I thought it was a neat idea to make him a “Z” bot for Halloween. It took me a week to sift through my favorite costumes on the web and develop my ideas. I knew it had to light up, and make sound to be super amazing. The most challenging part was finding out how to incorporate sound and how to find low price battery operated lighting locally (we looked at about 5 different stores!)

To put it together we began with a box that wasn’t too bulky for his little body. We sprayed the body and head piece with metallic silver that dried quickly. To decorate we used sun shade pieces for his arms and legs, light reflectors, silver beads, CD rom, switches, glow sticks, mini light clamps and a circular flashing light for pumpkins. It took us about 4 hours to create from beginning to end.

When it came to the Halloween Parade, not one person who saw the costume didn’t tell us that was the best costume ever! He lit up, while bumping Beastie Boys  “Intergalactic” as he passed his crowd. He also won best costume at the parade! He didn’t want to wear the head piece in the evening, but as we were out trick or treating, people wanted to take photographs of him, and he got EXTRA candy from the houses. Everyone couldn’t get enough of the Z bot!