We spent months brainstorming this awesome bot costume! Our 4 year old talked about being a robot for quite a while, so we decided to make it happen.

We started with some used hockey pads and shin guards, used little felt pads (for under appliances) as rivets, and spray-painted them all a shiny silver. Toilet paper tubes turned into arm bands, and were covered with paints, duct tape, and buttons from an old playstation remote.

There is a “power level” panel on the chest pad, made from some battery operated Christmas lights, cardboard, and lots of hot glue – That really lights up. Also a robot belt made of a fabric strip, cardboard, more lights, and more of that magic glue. (This set blinks!)

Did I mention we used lots of hot glue?

He also has a red finger light – every robot needs a laser! To top if off, we have a dress up astronaut helmet with rivets, and two dollar store tap lights that have been painted. He was a hit at preschool, and is really excited to take it trick or treating in the dark!

Happy Halloween!