Coolest Homemade Princess Leia Costume

This Homemade Princess Leia Costume was very inexpensive. My son wanted my husband and I to match his “theme” and I didn’t want to spend additional on the costume, since I already had purchased matching-couple costumes for our night out. Every year my husband and I dress up in matching “couples” costumes for the evening, and for trick or treating kid friendly costumes we try and match our son’s costume. That’s double the price.

So this year I wanted to to make something inexpensive. I had a white dress I could have worn, but I just didn’t like it, and it was windy out here. My husband borrowed a cape and the mask we already had, it was a 2year old mask, pants and top he already had “wardrobe”. Our son was very excited that I was able to put it together. I was able to get the items way less than the “real costume”.

The hair piece was the most I paid from a Halloween store.

Hair Piece $14.00
White lounge pants from Target $7.00
Loop belt was from Walmart $3.00
Topless shirt, and long sleeve shirt, bikers shorts (I already had)
The necklace I already had, Lia Sophia.
Boots I didn’t have any so I posted a wanted ad. on my Yahoo community, and I was able to purchase a pair for $5.00 great shape and it was just for the costume.

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