At almost eight months pregnant, I was forced to get creative to come up with a unique costume that would showcase my growing belly and not try to hide it, so I made this Homemade Pregnant Pumpkin Farmer Halloween Costume .

First, I took an old pair of overalls and carefully measured and cut a hole in the middle to fit my bare belly. My husband was supposed to do the painting but he had to leave for work early. Not ready to give in so easily, I stood in front of the bathroom mirror and started painting myself using regular Halloween face paints and cosmetic make-up brushes.

I was thrilled with the realistic results and VERY surprised by my newly discovered talent! Most people didn’t even know I was pregnant and that the pumpkin was actually my bare stomach until they reached out touched it….their reaction? Priceless!

As word spread, complete strangers were coming up to me. It was a fun day and my older kids were thrilled that mom had such a “cool” costume.