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Coolest Homemade Papa Smurf Costume

Happy Halloween to all. Here’s how this Papa Smurf costume came into existence… Choosing a costume for my preferred time of the 12 months did no longer come effortless this year. Many innovative costume ideas crossed my mind, but, Papa we have a problem, you have a full white beard on your face, and no intentions having it cut. “LOL”.

Idea: On a sunny afternoon as I squeezed the blue Alberto VO5 hairdressing for gray/white hair onto the palm of my hand to groom my beard “VOILA!” Papa Smurf was born. It was at that moment I knew I wanted a Smurf with a twist, a Papa with Tattoos, a cool Papa Smurf costume.

Cool Papa Smurf Costume Creation

  • Black Army Jump Boots a contribution mailed to me from my pal former U.S Army Paratrooper, Robbie.
  • Red compression pants a contribution from childhood buddy Avelino Velez.
  • The Tattoos effect on the blue compression shirt I made via first drawing tribal designs on posterboard, positioning in between the shirt then tracing with screen print ink, this and the Mehron Blue Cream make-up was the hardest part for me.
  • The white eyebrows I purchased on ebay.
  • The Colorful Smurf Necklace: On a quiet starry night out for a walk in the neighborhood, I come across a toy for children with colorful wood balls and alphabets on the curb for trash pick-up the next day. “Hmmmm” I can disassemble this toy and make a necklace out of the letters spelling the word S.M.U.R.F. Wow, I really like it! Everything else is history.
  • The Smurf Hat: Purchased online from JoannaBananaHats Etsy store.

My initial idea was to attend The NYC Halloween Parade. On the other hand after carefully giving it thought, the crowd, the virus, the flu, the hassle, I decided to stay local. It grew to become a very joyful experience.

Reactions : Making my rounds about town the bursts of laughter grew louder and louder. Adults and teenagers alike knew Papa Smurf and excited to see a cartoon character from the past on Halloween day.

Thank you, Papa Andre Smurf

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