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Cool Army of Darkness Ash and Sheila Couples Costume

I watched Army of Darkness about 100 times growing up. I have fond memories of quoting this movie with my brothers. My boyfriend and I went as Ash and Sheila for Halloween last year. People LOVED it!

For the Ash costume, I just went to the thrift shop and bought a blue shirt and brown pants and then distressed them and ripped holes in them and added fake blood and dirt. I made his harness out of pleather. He made the chainsaw by following this tutorial:

I’m a seamstress so I made the Sheila dress from rust colored gauze and then distressed it with coffee/tea and paint. For the necronomicon, I bought a text book from the thrift store and ripped out all the pages. I used tissues and liquid latex to make the face on the cover of the book. Then I painted it. I downloaded the pages from here and glued them in there. I distressed the pages with coffee/tea and paint. 

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