Coolest Homemade Neo-Victorian Ghoul Costume

My Neo-Victorian Ghoul Halloween costume was almost completely handmade. The only piece on view that I didn’t make was the corset.

The parasol was trimmed and the mini top hat was made completely from scratch, using metal mesh to sculpt it. I sewed the overskirt completely from scratch, and the underskirt was made from a prom dress, six sizes too big, that I took apart and re-sewed. The blouse was something I’ve had in my stash for a long time; I added lace to spice it up at the chest and sleeves.

The cape was reversible with a faux slubbed silk exterior and charcoal gray interior. The collar attached with snaps so that I could put a different one on if needed, and the homemade wire frame inside could also be removed. I applied the makeup myself.

I am very proud of all the sewing I did for the costume; this was the biggest project I have undertaken to date.