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Coolest Homemade Mr. Peanut Halloween Costume

We got this idea for a Homemade Mr. Peanut Halloween Costume from an online source, but it didn’t have a picture, so I wanted to share our finished creation.

We used a twin size “egg crate” mattress cover—the perfect color. I folded it in half, and cut a hole in the fold for my son’s head. I shaped it into a rough hourglass shape by trimming the edges with scissors. I hot glued the long edges together, leaving several inches near the fold open on each side for arms, and leaving the bottom open to slip over his head. I used a shoelace woven loosely through the foam around the waist to make a better fit. I hot glued a top hat on top, and made a monocle out of black felt with a piece of saran wrap between.

My son had a lot of fun wearing it, and it was warm enough to go out at night.

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