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Coolest Homemade Mr. Peanut and Bag of Sweets Costumes

Mr. Peanut was made out of burlap pieces that had been starched and put on a form. The pieces were then glued together and armholes cut. The bottom of the costume was held together with Velcro so that my son could slide it on and off over his black shirt and black pants.

I made the top hat out of cardboard and posterboard. I then covered it in black felt. I used gold mailbox stickers to put the name around the band of the hat.The cane was made out of a Christmas candy cane decoration we cut down and covered with black felt. A painted face and eyeholes, white gloves, and shiny black shoes completed this very popular and inexpensive (under $10) costume!

The bag of candy was old boxes and tissue paper painted and covered with plastic wrap and glued to an old shirt. Tulle was attached to the collar of the shirt and tied at the crotch. Candies were glued on leggings, and attached to the shoes. A tissue paper peppermint was glued to a headband. A tag was added that read, “23 lbs. of Sweet!”

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