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Coolest Homemade Mr. Peanut and Humpty Dumpty Costumes

With mr peanut I started gathering fencing and tried to make two nut shells out of the fencing by bending and tying the wires together. Same with the hat. Then took yellow duct tape covered the entire shell and covered the hat also. The cane is an old candy cane wrapped in duct tape.

Then just added the face. The eye glass spec is made out of white foam with a black chain. The lettering Mr peanut is made out of silver premade letters that are just glued.

For Humpty it was hard to make an egg shape. I used cardboard boxes. Attached the front and back of the egg with white duct tape and used circle foam to hold it in place inside of the box. The brick is also cardboard with grey duct tape and red duct tape to use for the bricks. The suit is made out of black silk and i took stuffing to stuff his legs and attached to the wall. Then the arms and hands are in white gloves.

Everyone loved our Mr. Peanut and Humpty Dumpty Costumes!

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  1. its great. me n my husband is working on it .my 4 1/2 yrs old son is going to participate as Humpty Dumpty in fancy dress competition. Hope it will work. thanx for ur ideas.


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