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Coolest Homemade Mr. Peanut Halloween Costume Idea

We always look for creative costumes that will amaze people. This year I went with Mr. Peanut, or I guess in my case, Mrs. Peanut.

I started with basic black clothes underneath (long sleeve t-shirt and Cuddle Duds for bottoms). The dress is actually an old swimsuit cover up that I sprayed painted yellow, then added a little touch up of black squares. Shoes came from Goodwill that we painted white (leaving the tips black). Accessories included white gloves, monocle from a Halloween store, cane that I sprayed painted black, and the top hat with white foam letters attached.

Very simple, very easy costume. Most of it came from my closet, with minimal purchases. The most time consuming part was spray painting the dress.

I think this Homemade Mr. Peanut Halloween Costume Idea is one of those costumes that can be worn again later, or passed on to someone else too!

And, who doesn’t love a peanut! ha!

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