Game-Changing Mr. Peanut Costume

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Every year I have my costume planned out days in advance. For some reason, this year inspiration failed to strike me. I kept figuring that I would think of something. Fast forward to 7pm on Halloween. I’m at the gym and am wracking my brain trying to think of quick last minute ideas. I figured worst case scenario, I could go buy a pre-made costume from a Halloween store, but obviously wasn’t pleased about that. All the sudden, I turn around and there is a guy at the gym with a Mr. Peanut shirt on. Bingo!

I finish working out and pull up a picture of the Mr. Peanut logo on my phone. I rush to TJ Maxx to buy a yellow sweatshirt, Walgreen’s to buy permanent markers, and finally to a costume store to buy gloves, a hat, a cane, and sunglasses.

I use wire cutter to break the sunglasses in half and remove the stems, thereby making a monocle, and glue it to a string and then to the hat. I go on my computer and print out Mr. Peanut in huge font and glue that to the front of the hat. Finally I cut the sleeves off of the sweatshirt and draw strategically placed black marks. Throw on a pair of plant pants, white socks, and there you have it!

My only regret is that my roommate didn’t inform me that I had the monocle on the wrong eye and cane in the wrong hand for this picture. Other than that, perfection. Talk about easy, I was at my Halloween party with a game changing costume by 9pm. The best part was all of the people who came up to me on the street to comment on my innovative, awesome costume.

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