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Coolest Homemade Mommy’s Alarm Clock Costume

If you have multiples or even just one baby for that matter, this Homemade Mommy’s Alarm Clock Costume is quite true!

I came up with a way to show how my life had changed and poke fun at it. I used foam core board to make the clock face, used stick on numbers and printed out the other words, arrows and pasted them on.

I wore a “maxi-mom” twin carrier with my girls in it. Tied the clock face on the front, the girls wore bowls that I had painted silver on their heads (for the bells), I hot glued elastic on them for a chin strap. I fabricated a little hammer to “ring the bells” in the middle.

I wore pajamas, carried a large coffee mug, hair in curlers, very dark circles under my eyes, looking’ really tired! This was a lot of fun to do for my girls first Halloween.

Believe it or not, they were quite content in the carrier for a couple hours, as they watched the other kids in costume!

I love seeing all the unique things everyone comes up with, Happy Halloween everyone!

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