For our inaugural costume party at a long running family camping trip we had to come up with a costume that was to be made of cardboard so we could burn it on the campfire at the end of the long weekend holiday. My dad is always too stressed with the whole lead up of the trip to even consider making a costume so I made one for him.

I had to source a large box to fit him (and the idea I had for the costume) which lead to me buying a box from a storage place. After a stop to the local cheap shop all my ideas became a reality, we found timber-look contact paper (the stuff you bind kid’s school books with) which was perfect for giving us the timber grain look we couldn’t achieve with paint. It took 4 rolls to do the lot. We also found chain (for the pendulum etc), a little bird that chirped and gold gilt card – all set!

We then spent many hours laying the timber grain just right, cutting inserts for where the pendulum and weights would hang, not to mention getting the face of the clock right and the little platform for the bird.

The bird was a trick, it had a little stick that when it was stuck in the base it didn’t make a sound but when removed any time it felt motion it would chirp. We used hot glue to attach a pop stick to the underneath so the chirping could be controlled.

Overall the Grandfather Clock Costume was very well received and won 1st prize beating out Thomas the Tank Engine and Sponge Bob Square Pants. And in the end, with the help of some gasoline it burnt pretty well.

RIP Grandfather Clock!