My idea to be a team of mother and baby aviators originated from an aviator style winter hat that I bought my 6 month old son a few months ago. I made matching scarves and goggles out of black and white felt and a patch for his shirt that said “Jr Pilot”. I finished off his outfit with fleece camouflage pants with knee patches to give him a military look.

Once I made his outfit I knew he needed a plane so I took a Pampers diaper box and some army green spraypaint and turned it into a B6 Bomber airplane. The propeller was made from a piece of cardboard painted black. I printed military decals from the computer, cut them out and glued them on to the box. My son’s name begins with a “B” so we named the plane “Li’l B”.

The final touch was some layers of foam for my baby to sit in and the final look was complete!
Our Homemade Mom and Baby Aviator Costumes were a huge hit!