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Cool Homemade Medusa Costume for a Girl

My daughter was Medusa. I got a black dress from a previous Halloween costume. We bought some snake-type jewelery. I used a lot of thick black eyeliner for her eyes to make them really pop.

Then I used green and gold eyeshadow with a lot of glitter. Her lips were purple glitter (it looked really cool). Then the hard part was her hair. I put about ten ponytails in her hair. Then stuck pipe-cleaners in it. Then rubber-banded the middle and end so the ponytails would look like snakes. I stuck green, orange and glow in the dark snakes in her hair and spray painted it green.

The pipe cleaners were important because it made her hair stick up. The glow-in-the-dark snakes worked great for at night. The Homemade Medusa Costume wasn’t as important as the make-up and hair – that is what people remember about Medusa.

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  1. Hello, I am wanting to dress as Medusa this year myself and was wondering where u were able to find the snakes to go in her hair. I saw some glow in the dark ones @ the dollar store but no regular ones. May have to try a different dollar store. Your daughter looks great by the way! Julie


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