Coolest Homemade Mary Poppins Family Costume

My son always loved to watch Mary Poppins so therefore we had the idea to dress all the family in a Homemade Mary Poppins Family Costume following the theme.

For Mary: I was sewing myself with my mum’s help the skirt (blue, adding light violet ribbon) and I have adjusted the collar of an existing old sleeping shirt of my grandmother full of laces.
I was lucky because I have a dark blue coat looking, ankle boots and white gloves.

As hat I used a children cowboy, taking away the star and applying some daisy and cherry bought in a home decor shop. The difficult part was making the umbrella, then I recalled the talent of my father on working the wood. So he transformed a wood-salad spoon in a perfect parrot that I have painted and we applied on an expensive black umbrella.

Bert and little sweepers: My husband took is wool back jacket, black pants and I bought him a hat as well for my 2 year little son that wears a big short over a duvet jacket because we had a lot of snow. The baby on my husband’s backpack wears a black t-shirt over his warm overall and a wool hat (her dummy is also attached with a black ribbon!) and everybody is full of ash!

We had a wonderful day and mostly our little son really thought to live for a day on a Mary Poppins adventure!

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  1. Oh, I love it! You all seemed to have walked right out of the movie. What a sweet family memory. Thanks for sharing how it was done!

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