Coolest Homemade Mary Poppins Costume

I scoured the consignment shops, and thrift shops for the hat. I found a natural stray hat that I thought had the right silhouette (an important thing to think about in my opinion) and spray painted it matte black (though hers is actually glossy), hot glued silk daisies and little plastic apples and a black ribbon. I also found (years ago) in a little thrift shop an old fashioned umbrella. It was brown though so out came the same spray paint (glad I had not gotten the glossy!). Very important to do this thinly, you’d rather do a couple coats than have thick spots.

I made the Parrot handle with polymer clay right onto the handle. The coat was a nice find at Goodwill, it had a nice vintage look it was not quite a swing coat but not fitted at all. Again silhouette, is all! I took it in and made it fitted with a few choice darts. (It is hardly perfect but I got it done).

The shoes were also a find from years ago. (It is really helpful for serious costumers to not let something like Victorian style boots to go by even if it is unneeded for the present costume- specially found at Goodwill or the like when they cost so little. You add so much authenticity to a costume when you are truly head to toe done up. And you‘d be surprised how often you end up using them. These particular shoes have been used 4 times not just by me).

I made the “carpet bag” because I could not find one anywhere so I found a material I thought looked “tapestry/carpety” enough and first pinned it around a cardboard “stencil” I made that resembled an over sized “doctor bag” took the “stencil” out cut it down to just serve as the floor and sides of the bag, put it back in and hand sewed the material around it, then added hands from a craft store.

Finally the easy stuff- the shirt was just a nice fitted white shirt with blue pin stripes and a red ribbon for the bow tie, then a blue ankle length skirt. Then I did up my hair in a French twist, made up my lips red and my cheeks rosy. Then put on you best cheery disposition and get the job done!