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Coolest Homemade Lemonade Stand Costume

My daughter tossed a lemon to me. “I want to be a lemonade stand for Crazy Day at camp” she exclaimed. “OK” I said, “but we need to use it for Halloween too, and we must include the dog!” And with that, our Homemade Lemonade Stand Costume was born.

We worked together to come up with a design that would be good for all seasons, and easy to wear. The stand was made using a cardboard box, with the top and bottom folded in for extra support. One flap was folded out to create the shelf. We tried spray painting the box yellow, but it did not cover the brown. Yellow wrapping paper, attached with lots of clear packing tape worked much better. Wooden dowels hold up the sign that my daughter painted on foam board. Red cups filled with yellow “cellophane lemonade”, napkins and straws complete the look.

The day after we finished the lemonade stand, I was at a craft store returning the unused supplies, when something caught my eye. “OMG”, I thought to myself, “we could totally use printer transfer paper to design a t-shirt to go with the lemonade stand”. With a little help from Google clip art, the t-shirt reads “Freshly Squeezed” on the front, and the back is covered with cute pictures of lemons.

Who knew how easy it would be to make a dog costume, once the idea was in place! The base was made by weaving felt strips into 2 basket shapes. We added straps around the tail and neck to hold the basket in place. Using my mighty glue gun, I attached the lemons and viola the costume was done!

When life gives you lemons…make a super Halloween costume!

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  1. I was researching costumes online and this is absolutely wonderful! I may use a similar design for a Lucy from Peanuts costume and her famous “Doctor is In” stand, but I think I’ll convert it into this for next year! Thank you for sharing :)


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