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Cool Homemade Lemonade Stand Costume

This is Isabella in her homemade Lemonade Stand costume. I started out with the box and wrapped it in yellow paper. With one of the flaps I made the shelf by adding 2 pieces under it to make it stay up. Wooden dowels in the pack attached to a sign. I wrapped both yellow and than pink ribbons around the dowels. I added plastic lemons on the front with cups and a pitcher. Yellow tissue paper for the lemonade. Don’t forget the straws in the cup.

I found a cool font for the stand and used it throughout. For finishing touches I made her the shirt with an iron on transfer with images of lemons and the saying ‘freshly squeezed’. Another alternative is a white hat with lemons on it. I made that also but she didn’t have it on for this picture. This homemade Lemonade Stand costume brings back summer for a day.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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