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Coolest Homemade Lego Pirate Costume

The Homemade Lego Pirate Costume was completely homemade for under $50. It includes the head, chest piece, a hand stitched glove, hook, sword, and leg pieces. In all, took about 2 weeks to make. I based the costume off of the Lego pirate minifigure I had at my house.

The head started with insulation foam, and was cut and glued in layers. Then had a small coat of body filler and then sanded and painted yellow. The face was done with 1/4″ foam based of a stencil I drew. The hat was made from felt stretched and stitched over hangers that were form fitted. The pirate skull was cut out of foam and glued to the hat, and the hat was glued to the head.

The body and legs were cut and formed with duct table and cardboard and painted black. 1/4″ foam was used to form the design on the body pieces.
A yellow glove was also stitched out of felt to create a Lego-like hand to hold the sword.

Homemade Lego Pirate Costume

Homemade Lego Pirate Costume

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