Awesome Homemade Lego Man Halloween Costume

The Homemade Lego Man Halloween Costume in the submitted photograph is of course a LEGO minifig. I made this LEGO MAN Halloween costume for my 8 year old stepson and it was a huge hit with everyone. It took me close to 2 weeks to complete the entire costume… but it was well worth the time.

The head started as a solid chunk of Styrofoam that I shaved down to the proper size and shape. After the shaving was complete, I added a thin layer of dry-wall mud to the outside and let it dry. After the first layer was dry, I sanded it smooth, added a second coat of mud, let that dry and then sanded it again. It was ready for painting then.

After painting, I cut out the mouth hole, (it was level with my stepson’s eyes, so that is where all his vision came from) I lined the mouth with a thin black fabric that he could see through. I added a little paint and… tada one LEGO head!

As for the torso and legs, it was all shaped cardboard, hot glue and posterboard painted black. Some detail paint was added for the suit look. I had the back of the costume open up with Velcro, so he could walk right in for easy removal and it was easy to put on as well.