Coolest Homemade Lego Man Costume

My 7 year old son LOVES Legos and wanted a Homemade Lego Man Costume for Halloween. However, I have to warn moms out there that this is not a practical trick or treating costume!! It’s hard to see in at night and impossible to keep up with your trick or treat buddies and be prepared to carry all the pieces. That being said he was the hit of the school parade!!

I made the head out of LOTS of layers of paper mache. For the frame I use a bucket and the top to a chocolate powder mix lid (strange but it was just the right size). I taped the bucket and lid together and covered with plastic wrap so the paper mache wouldn’t stick. It did not work completely how I planned and I ended up having my husband cut the bucket away from the paper mache (good thing I used so many layers, it was as hard as a helmet HA!) I used a razor knife to cut the eyes and mouth. Painted the mask and glued screen material purchased at a hardware store.

The body was a large moving box cut to fit. I left a lip along the bottom to help keep the box from bending. White long sleeve shirt and black sweat pants. The hands I made out of vinyl material. I made them by trial and error, three rectangles about the same size, one on either side of the hand and one for the middle (grip part). On the thumb side I put a piece of cardboard to hold the shape.

For the shoes I used shoe boxes upside down with a hole cut for the foot. I bought thick foam and cut out where his shoe would go and used double sided Velcro.

I hope this description helps. I had a ton of fun making it and it was a big hit!

 Lego Man Costume

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