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Coolest Homemade Jeepers Creepers Halloween Costume Idea

My 9 year old grandson Connor tries to bear with me each year when I make him a costume, he gives me a strange look, then he gets into that character after he puts the costume on. He was a real trooper this year, though. Back to back he won two contests Saturday and Sunday night.

Ok, here goes for this Homemade Jeepers Creepers Halloween Costume Idea. June 6th I was watching Jeepers Creepers 2 before work and I just loved the wings and the Creeper. So after working up a plan on paper, I then researched online for the real photos wings, coat, boots, hands, feet, axe, throwing star and face. Next I went searching for what I would call “Hollywood Foam”. I found it online and it’s called “Flex Foam”. I purchased it from a local store who supplies to Universal Studios Orlando.

OK, the process… I formed wing arms, bones, star, boot toe claws and facial appliances out of non drying clay. I put each form into a board box type container. Then poured Plaster of Paris onto clay then waited 5-6 hours until hard. Flipped box of plaster and extracted all clay out and now you have a mold. Mixed equal parts of Flex Foam A+B together, pour into mold, put board with weep holes to hold expanding foam in. Let set for two hours, take board off, pull foam out. Trim and shape pieces with scissors. Next spray glue on, mix acrylic paint with liquid latex and paint four layers on all foam.

The skeleton of wings was made of ½” pvc and copper pipes and tomato stakes. The wing skin is a shower curtain(mentioned in 2nd movie)that is hand stippled. Glue bones to stakes and shower curtain. Both wings are set in a “papoose” back holder with padded straps connected with nuts and bolts and then attached to pants.

Pants and shirt bought from thrift store and has foam “skin” inserted. Coat is made of Duck Cloth with braids on sleeves. Hat is made of wet stretched felt shaped on a Styrofoam head, with part of a wig glued to back. Hands are a pair of black long sleeved gloved layered with liquid latex with two pairs of fake nails sewed and glued, painted black. All latex must be dusted with cornstarch after finishing or they will stick together and you will cry!! Boots have been distressed and foam toe nails glued on. Trick or treat bag($2) sewed with left over duck cloth and gauze. Double axe ($6) Cut off half and add foam point and prongs, spray with chrome paint. Added cloth handle with Creeper thick thread. Makeup is foam talons, nose, chin, eyebrows glued to face and bald cap.

Connor was outstanding as the Creeper!! Thank you so much for letting us enter your “Coolest Homemade Costume Contest”.

PS: the only thing not made by me was Connor’s dental veneer teeth, ordered online.

Homemade Jeepers Creepers Halloween Costume Idea


Homemade Jeepers Creepers Halloween Costume Idea

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  1. This is so cool!!! And so REAL!!! Oh how much fun I would have scaring my kids outside their bedroom window…they begged me to watch that movie and it really scared them!! This is sure to win!!


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