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Coolest Homemade Ice Cream Man and Truck Costume

This year, I decided to create an Ice Cream Man and Truck costume.

I made the truck out of 1/4″ plywood, screws, glue, hinges and velcro; I then fastened it to a wheelchair. I had my menu for different types of ice cream, tiny doors on the back so that people would have access if they wanted to push me, working break lights, working headlights, a wind shield, horn, side mirrors, a license plate on the front and back and, finally, bumpers on the front and back.

I was able to store a small cooler on the inside and I did indeed pass out freeze pops and popsicles to the crowds gathered at the three events I attended. The truck also had a giant rotating ice cream sandwich on top that played music. The windshield was able to be folded down and the hood lifted out, in case I wanted to get out and walk around.

The whole costume took me about eighty hours to build and it was a very fun project. Last but not least, I, as the traditional Ice Cream Man, wore the white pants and white shirt to go along with the black belt and black shoes, complimented by the white and black hat.

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