Original Homemade Harley Quinn Costume

I’m Harley Quinn as seen on the new Arkham Asylum Video game. I had to paint almost everything including the bra and corset. I couldn’t find the correct boots so compromised with a pair of thigh highs in a different color. I think this Homemade Harley Quinn Costume is a very close match to the actual costume.

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5 thoughts on “Original Homemade Harley Quinn Costume”

  1. I think it looks awesome. I just decided I was going to be the same for Halloween (while my fiance is playing Batman game) and was looking for inspiration to make my own, and you gave me some good ideas. Good job =)

  2. I bought the half corset at pennys and painted with spray on fabric paint from hobby lobby. Its like a spray paint and gets everywhere but it was fun. Dang wish i would have noticed the id thing. I tried to get really close.


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