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Coolest Homemade Hangover Costume Idea

For Halloween me and a group of my friends had this homemade hangover costume idea and decided to be the guys from the movie ‘The Hangover’. For each character we had different things that we had to get.

For Doug (the guy getting married): We just found him some simple dress clothes at a local thrift shop, including a white button down, and black dress pants. Make sure the shirt isn’t important, because you also need some type of red makeup cream, and cover all the visible skin, so he appears sun burnt.

For Alan (fat Jesus): He bought the “lone wolf” t-shirt online, and found tight white pants, and a satchel at the thrift store. Purchased the beard at a costume shop, and got some aviators. He wears running shoes if you want to get specific (baby optional).

For Phil (the teacher): We bought a blue button down and black jeans/dress pants at a thrift shop. I then slicked my hair back with a ton of mouse gel and hairspray. Get a hold of a hospital wrist band and details. And use brown makeup to make the 5 o clock shadow look, or grow a beard if you are capable (I am not), (tiger scratch on neck, if your going all out.

For Stu (the dentist): Bright teal polo of some sort, and khaki pants, and glasses. Red makeup on the shirt to look like blood, then buy tooth black out makeup from a costume shop to make it appear a tooth was pulled out.

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