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Coolest Homemade Growing Daisy Child Halloween Costume

I asked my daughter what she wanted to be this year for Halloween and she told me she wanted to be a daisy. Last year my husband and I bought her a costume – she was super-woman – well that was a complete waste of twenty dollars. This year I wanted to try out my artistic skills making her a homemade Growing Daisy child Halloween costume.

I searched the internet for pictures of real daisies, clipart daisies, even some different children dressed as daisies either for Halloween or in a play. After looking through all of these pictures I drew out my costume idea in my sketch pad. I took my drawing with me to the arts and craft store and let my mind do the shopping.

The head piece is made out of cardboard, cardstock, sticky foam board, yellow felt, and some hot glue. I measured my daughter’s face and then made a 1 ½ – 2” wide oval ring out of cardboard. From one of the clipart pictures I freehand cropped one petal and one leaf to make a stencil. As you can see I layered the foam board from largest to smallest. I used 4 sticky foam board sheets. I lined the oval face ring with yellow felt not only for look but for comfort. It was the closest thing I could think of that would be somewhat comfortable.

The pot and the leaves on my daughter’s shirt are made out of foam board as well. I used 2 large light brown foam boards and one dark brown. It only took me one large green foam board for the leaves. I hot glued jewelry wire to the back of the leaves. Doing this I was able to bend them so that they looked more like leaves. I hand stitched the leaves onto the shirt with green thread. The pot is held up with elastic; however, I wanted the straps to blend in somehow. So I used green glitter glue and decorated them as well as detailing and outlining the leaves. For the bee on her daisy I used 3 small Styrofoam balls, jewelry wire, and some black string.

Her shirt and pants I found on at Wal-Mart for only 3 dollars each. I just happened to luck out with the roots; they were some elastic pants I found at good will.

All together this homemade Growing Daisy child Halloween costume cost me about $17 dollars and two days. Not bad considering that last year I paid 20 to be lazy. My husband told me that I am in trouble now because I will have to outdo myself every year from now on. Haha

Sketching Out My Growing Daisy Child Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Growing Daisy Child Halloween Costume

Homemade Growing Daisy Child Halloween Costume

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