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Coolest Homemade Garden Gnome Boy Costume

I thought up and created my 20 month old son’s Homemade Garden Gnome Boy Costume this year. I wanted to be creative, but keep it simple and didn’t have money to be spending on an extravagant costume anyway. It is very basic, but with the help of my mom and a friend, we made this little gnome costume for under $10.

We either already had the materials (beard and brow fluffy fabric, felt fabric, pants and watering can), found them at a thrift store (black rubber garden boots) or bought them cheaply (red stretchy cone hat fabric, dollar store blue tunic top).

I also tried to keep in mind how to make a costume that a busy toddler would hopefully wear/keep on which meant making his hat and beard look cute, but stay off his face, to keep him from just pulling it off.

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  1. My twin boys are 25 months and I have been looking for a good way to do the beard and brows without them messing with them. I love this idea, so cute. THANKS!


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