Coolest Homemade Garden Gnome on Toadstool Costume

I wanted to be something different this year and decided that a garden gnome would allow me to dress warm underneath while I attended an outdoor party (I live in Wisconsin). I also wanted an “illusion” type costume, and this Homemade Garden Gnome on Toadstool Costume looked pretty simple to make.

I used some of the instructions that I found on the Family Fun website. Two pool noodles (one full length, the other about 1/2) were glued end to end with contact cement, and then the two ends were glued together to form a circle. Duct tape over the glued areas was used to reinforce the bonds. The toadstool top is a round tablecloth that I cut a hole in the middle and inserted elastic to fit around my waist.

I gathered the bottom hem of the tablecloth to get it to fit around the noodle circle, then hot-glued the fabric to the noodles. Felt dots were glued on. The toadstool stem is made from felt, with elastic to fit around my waist. The legs are toddlers sweat pants with little baby shoes hot glued on. The legs are stuffed with fiberfill.

I attached the top of the sweatpants to the top of the beige felt with long stitches. You could use hot glue if you don’t sew. When I put on the stem with the legs attached, I held it up with suspenders. Over the stem goes the toadstool top, with the little legs resting on it. I wore a short denim jacket over the suspenders, and belted it. A beard, bushy eyebrows, pointed ears, pipe and lantern were all purchased at a costume shop.

The hat is 18″ of red felt cut and rolled into a cone shape and hot glued. This Homemade Garden Gnome on Toadstool Costume was a lot of fun and had people doing double takes, and taking lots of pictures.

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