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Coolest Homemade Etrade Baby Costume

We love the E*Trade baby commercials and we decided to dress our 11 month old son in a Homemade Etrade Baby Costume. At first when we thought of the idea I was a little worried not enough people would understand. But I was definitely wrong, it was a big hit and everyone thought our son looked like the E*Trade baby.

He loved his first Halloween and had a great time banging on the keys to his Daddy’s old laptop. People we didn’t even know were taking pictures of him. Needless to say everyone loved it. I’m glad we decided to do a homemade original costume instead of buying one that a bunch of other kids are wearing and isn’t going to stick out in the mix of children running around. Everyone laughed and said it was the best and most creative costume they’ve seen. It was a great night for Joey, me, and my fiancee. It was definitely a perfect first Halloween for our son and family with a perfect Halloween costume.

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