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Baby Mork Costume in his Egg Spaceship… Nanu Nanu

This is our baby, Graham’s, first Halloween. He is 8 months old now. I used to love holidays and Halloween growing up. But for years now with a job that demands especially long hours October through December, I hardly find time to put out a pumpkin or a Christmas tree anymore. We contemplated buying a nice costume for Graham, but as we shopped around, nothing seemed very original… and I remembered more and more how as a little girl I longed for a handmade costume like the ones my friends’ moms made.

We brainstormed ideas and thought about all that has happened this year, and talked about our favorite TV show characters. But then it struck me…my husband and I absolutely loved Mork and Mindy growing up… with Robin Williams zany character… So we thought this would be a great tribute to all the laughs Robin gave us throughout the years. Everyone remembers Mork’s rainbow suspenders… but his spacesuit seemed perfect for a baby as it looks like a baby one piece. I started by finding a fleece hoody one piece in red. I cut off the hood and made it a shorter mock neckline. I applied the silver embellishment I bought from a trim store and sewed that at the neck and cuffs. I bought some silver spandex from a fabric store and made the shoulder pieces and front triangle along with some leftover bits of black ribbon and string. Spandex is tough to sew! Wonder tape really does work wonders for sewing tricky fabric and appliques. Then I used the same silver spandex along with some leftover fleece (Octobers are chilly here in NY!) as a lining for his cap and boots… (learned how to do both after an internet search for free patterns and tutorials).

I knew I wanted to photograph Graham in this costume but was stuck about the background… it didn’t seem right to just sit Mork on the bed or a chair.  Then it all came together…  A friend had given us this high chair from Bloom… which was the perfect egg shape to be Mork’s spaceship. We also have a large chalkboard in our kitchen, and with a little bit of chalk drawing, it made the perfect black ‘space’ backdrop. People have been blown away with it… they love the tribute to Robin Williams… and our friends who are too young to remember, now know about Mork and Mindy! And most of all this project and Graham has awakened my childhood love for Halloween.


Baby Mork Costume in his Egg Spaceship... Nanu Nanu

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