Coolest Homemade Dr. Seuss Star Bellied Sneetches Costume

My child was having Dr. Suess day at her elementary school and they had to dress up like a character out of a Dr. Suess book. Of course, my daughter wanted to be unique so we opted to create a homemade Dr. Seuss Star-Bellied Sneetches costume.

The arms were basic white leggings from Wal-mart that I had dyed stark yellow. I cut a hole where the crotch would be and put her head through the hole instead. I cut three rectangles for the body and sewed them together. Stuffing was inserted prior to completing the sewing. I had purchased loose yellow feathers from the local craft store and glued them all over the front of the costume with crafting glue. I also purchased a multi-color feather strand boa from the craft store and glued pieces of it around the neck line and bottom.

Lastly, I tied two bracelets with the remaining piece of the boa and put them on her wrist. I finished off the look with two feathers sticking out of her hair and painted the green star on her belly. She was by far the cutest Sneetch ever.

Homemade Dr. Seuss Star Bellied Sneetches Costume

Homemade Dr. Seuss Star Bellied Sneetches Costume

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  1. I am going to do something similar. But I am going to dye a leotard and tights and going to buy a skirt and cover it with feathers. My daughter is a tall seven year ols so this makes the costume more simple

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