We’re both named Erin and we work at a country club, so some of the members there refer to us as E1 and E2. That is what gave us the idea to dress up as Thing1 And Thing2 for the Halloween party at the country club.

We found this red sparkly dress for $19 at a store in the mall, so we both bought one! Then we bought the blue wigs, which were on sale at Spencer’s. For the shoes, we picked out cobalt blue flats (since we would be working) that we found at another cheap store in the mall. The candy cane striped socks were about $5 at Party City. For the Thing1 And Thing2 circles we bought some white felt squares at Walmart for about a dollar, cut them into circles, and then wrote on them with dark blue glitter glue that I already had. We used fabric tape (also purchased at Walmart) to tape them to ourselves. We topped the look off with fake eyelashes, bright blue eyeshadow, red lipstick, and blue fingernail polish to look as Dr. Suess-y as possible!

The look worked great for us! Many members didn’t ever recognize us, and the ones who did completely understood the relation to E1 and E2. Kids and adults loved it, and we had people ask for our picture throughout the night. Another girl who worked with us dressed at Cat and the Hat so that further enhanced our costumes!