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Coolest Homemade Deep Sea Diver and Squid Costume

My husband and son have gone trick-or-treating every year as a duo. This year he wanted a Homemade Deep Sea Diver and Squid Costume and have his dad go as a giant squid.

I don’t have pictures of it in progress, but I can tell you step-by-step how I made it. The helmet was made with plaster cloth strips. The strips were placed around a blown up punching ball covered with petroleum jelly. The “windows” were made from cardboard box covers with lollipop sticks. The waist weights were plastic storage contains. All of these items were covered with copper colored foil and hot glued into place.

The rings around the neck piece were macrame rings. The neck piece was a big piece of Foamie sheeting that was covered with plaster strips. Finally, the whole helmet was covered with quilt bunting first then covered with copper colored matte satin.

The squid was a plastic table cloth filled with rice to weigh down the arms and a large foamie sheet. The suction cups were paper reinforcements. The fins at the top is red netting.

For the first time ever, they won 1st prize for best group with their costumes.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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