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Coolest Homemade “David” Vampire Costume from The Lost Boys

Well, I sculpted the vampire prosthetic from a lifecast I made of myself, then injected the mold with foam latex to get it like the movie make up (you can get a simular prosthetic from a Halloween store). I went the extra mile and bleached my dark brown hair, and added a bleach blond hair extension for the back of my head to get the mullet hair style. Then I bought some yellow and red contacts.

I attached the prosthetic with some Pros Aid adhesive, blend the edges, and apply spme flesh tone make up, and fangs from a Halloween store.

The black wool over coat I bought at a local Good Will shop. The caracter wears a leather biker jacket under his overcoat, but I couldn’t find the exact one. I then made a earing like the one in the movie with a paperclip, and a piece of plack leather from a fabric store.

A pair of black jeans, boots, gloves, and I was set to go.

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