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Sweet DIY Cupcake Costume

I wanted to make a costume that was cute, fun and sweet because usually most female Halloween costumes are very sexy. I made this Homemade Cupcake Costume in under 5 hours and I spent about 20euro on it so compared to buying one it was definitely a bargain. Everyone seemed to think I bought it, which i considered a good sign. And it was great fun to wear around the place as everyone though it was funny and wanted pictures taken.

What I used:
* 1 child’s witches hat (made from soft plastic)
* meter and a half of this white material, it was like a stiff material which u put into clothes to give them structure, like collars.
* 2 meter’s worth of brightly colored pink and blue material
* couple of colorful packets of hair bobbins. Thick set ones, usually furry or ribbed material
* see through plastic thread. usually used for threading beads and darning needle

1. To create the cupcake bottom, first cut off the pointed part of the witches hat. Cut a circle wide enough to fit your head and arms through, but so that it will be snug around your waist. The soft plastic will give some flexibly to allow this.

*The rest of the costume will be pretty light weight so your hips should be enough support to keep it up. however you could attach hidden straps around your shoulder to help keep it up.

2. Roughly measure around your waist. Double it. And cut the white material to that size. Fold the material like you would a fan, in chunks greater than an inch.

3.Using the see through thread sew the white material on to the edges of the witches hat. Make sure to only sew the triangle edge of the ‘fan’ on to the hat, otherwise you will lose the cupcake paper cup pleating. There was a thin wire in the hat I had so that was helpful.

4. Arrange the colorful material in a swirl to resemble icing. Roughly sew it to the base of the hat and it itself to give it some shape and puff it up.

5. Sew the colored bobbins anywhere onto the ‘icing’ Now your done!!!

What I wore:
* knee high socks with a pink ribbon attached
* white cardigan
* pink tube top
* white shorts
* canvas runners and pink high heels.
* colorful bangles and necklaces
* one length of pink ribbon
* glitter and stickers for face

I just fixed it all together then and voila! a Homemade Cupcake Costume!

Homemade Cupcake Costume

Homemade Cupcake Costume

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