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Cute Cupcake Homemade Costume

Starting from the bottom:

The shoes are just some plane black shoes I purchased years ago for a school girl costume. I am wearing dark tights underneath pink fishnet stockings.

The cup part of the homemade cupcake costume is a large lamp shade I found at a thrift store. I had to saw out the inside metal then tape over the sharp edges. I folded two pieces of tag board accordion style then sewed them onto the outside for the cupcake paper cup look. I attached batting to the top with super glue and a bit of sewing (to make sure it stayed) for the frosting look. I cut up an old pair of purple sweat pants and a pink tea towel for the sprinkles. I also sewed strips of the purple material to the lampshade as shoulder straps.

The pink shirt is a part of a child’s princess costume I found at a thrift store. I had to wear a white shirt underneath as it only covered half my torso.

The hat is a small straw hat I found at a thrift store; on it I glued batting and bits of cut up material in the shapes of hearts and circles.
I received A LOT of comments on my costume. It was my first homemade one so I was really happy to hear the compliments.

This site was an inspiration for my homemade cupcake costume progress.

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