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Coolest Homemade Cruella DeVille Child Costume

My daughter is 7 and decided that this year she wanted to be Cruella De Ville for Halloween. Since they don’t make this costume in her size, I knew that it would have to be homemade, even though I am not a good sewer. She was very excited throughout the preparation and thrilled with her costume when it was finished. This really was the best Homemade Cruella DeVille Child Costume! It was perfect and worth all the frustration.

I had enough material left over to make her two little dalmatian costumes for our two dogs: one bulldog and one poodle-mix. She let my sister and me paint her hair and give it that crazy de Ville style; she really looked awesome.

My daughter had a lot of fun trick or treating, especially as people recognized immediately who she was dressed as. Again I say, I can’t sew but I did the best job I could and my daughter’s reaction was worth it. People said that we should enter a costume contest, which we may do in the future. I may even start making her costume every year now!

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  1. wow i really loved your costume, im 16 and i have a costume party coming up but im stuck with how to make the coat. just wondering if u could let me know how you made it or where u got it? thanks heaps, you daughter look amazing :)


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