Coolest Homemade Cotton Candy Halloween Costume

My kids always want to have very original costumes. My 10-year-old came up with such original costumes that I had no idea how we would make them. She finally decided on Cotton Candy and I thought we could handle that.

We started our Homemade Cotton Candy Halloween Costume with some pink flannel that I used as a base. We made it “easel style,” which means it went over her head and would attach at the sides. I then took quilt batting and cut out the same shape to lay over the top of the pink flannel. For extra warmth and fluff, I took extra pieces of the batting and put it in between the layers of flannel and batting. I then hot- glued the flannel to the batting (including the inner layers so they wouldn’t move).

We bought several cans (used 3-4) of the pink hairspray coloring to make the cotton candy color. I sprayed it all over the batting until I thought it looked about right. I then hot-glued the sides together, leaving enough room for armholes.

On the front, I took pieces of fiberfill and randomly hot-glued them on the front to make it look more realistic. I then used the pink hairspray and painted over that.

For the hat, I took a paper plate and cut a hole in the middle for her head. I took a wad of fiber fill and glued it to the plate. I then used the pink hairspray to finish it off. To hold it on, I stapled on an elastic strap. She was a hit. Several people wanted to take a bite out of her!