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Coolest Homemade Clark Kent Costume

Clark Kent is the lazy man’s go to costume? Suit, t-shirt, glasses and you are there. To do it one better, I decided to base the Homemade Clark Kent Costume on a particular comic book frame of Clark Kent running through an office storage room with the tie flapping behind him.

The tie is held up by a wire hanger. To make it, I straightened the hanger and then bent it in half. Next, I inserted the ends through the bottom of the tie and stitched it in place. The last step was to curve the whole contraption to mimic flapping. Then, I threw in the pose and there you have it.

Helpful hints for replication: (1) tie the tie first, then slip it off to insert the hanger, (2) cover the ends of the hanger with masking tape or else run the risk snagging the tie and getting the hanger stuck before it’s all the way in.

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