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Super Cute Clark Kent Halloween Costume

When I asked my son what he wanted to be he screamed Superman. So I started my search and although I found some costumes, I didn’t think any of them were all that cute. Then I got the idea to do Clark Kent.

All I needed was khakis, which my son had, a superman shirt, a white button up, a cape, a tie and glasses. Seemed easy right? Yeah not so much. The superman shirt was easy found it no problem, when it came to the button up I couldn’t find a plain white on and then when I did they were sold out of his size. Well I thought it would be an easy costume so I was of course last minute and just decide to get a size to big.

The cape was pretty simple, but the glasses were of course hard they were sold out of black of course only had blue, red, pink or purple. Well I settled with red although they weren’t my favorite. My son had a tie already but of course it was mia and took about 2 hours to find. Then the day of the contest my mother in law found some black glasses and everything turned out perfectly

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